The Professional Civil Society of Lawyers "Călinoiu and Associates" is a law firm that has established itself on the Romanian legal consulting market for more than 10 years. Our team is a dynamic and efficient one, which is based on a constant professional training, a rich experience in the legal field and an inherent interest in solving the client's priorities.

A close collaboration with us ensures that potential problems are prevented and current problems will be solved. The relationship with our clients is built with principles such as honesty, seriousness, professionalism and integrity at the center. The trust you place in us will be crowned with our devotion to excellence so that you can benefit from the best legal services.

We operate both locally, as lawyers on the legal market in Craiova, as well as anywhere in the country, distance not being an obstacle in the way of our professional activity.

Our team

Our team consists of:

Lawyer Călinoiu Ioana

Călinoiu Ioana

Senior Partner, Coordinating lawyer of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

Lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru

Călinoiu Alexandru

Senior Partner of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

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