Lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru

Senior Partner of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

The disadvantage of long litigations for the client is generally the high costs and the precious time. So, when possible, we offer the client, in addition to legal advice, our experience in negotiating a transaction, as well. Such an approach to these types of situations is often encountered in everyday life. But when you do not know how to make the most of your claims, there is a risk that they may not be acknowledged.

In the transactions concluded with the participation of lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru, the client has always been put in a favorable position. Lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru always found the balance with a conciliatory and determined attitude in these disputes, as he constantly emphasizes and follows the client's needs and expectations.


Together we work to achieve our client's goals, adopting winning strategies, which we implement given the smallest details.

Lawyer Călinoiu Ioana

Călinoiu Ioana

Senior Partner, Coordinating lawyer of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

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