Given the varied training and experience of our team, we can offer you expertise, assistance and representation in areas related to:

Family law

Legal advice, assistance and representation in family law issues/litigations, including in the matter of the interests of the minors.

Corporate law

Corporate law is constantly evolving, and with us you will find a current approach to your problem in this area.

Contract law

Professional legal services regarding the representation and assistance in any procedure in the field of contract law.

Land law

Legal assistance and representation in procedures specific to land law, including those regulated by special laws.

Succession law

Professional legal services in matters of succession law, including assistance and representation in the procedure for debating succession.

Banking law

We find solutions to any problem you encounter in your relations with banking institutions.

Consumer law

We understand the consumer's position and protect it by any legal means, depending on your interests in this capacity.

Transport agreement

Professional legal services in litigations arising from varieties of the transport agreement.

Employment law

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we find solutions to any employment law issues you encounter.

Forced execution

We offer professional legal services in forced execution procedures, regardless of whether you are a debtor or a creditor.

Judicial and extrajudicial proceedings

Whether we talk about the courtroom or everyday life, the opinion of an expert is sometimes necessary.

Criminal law

Complete professional legal services in criminal procedures carried out before judicial bodies, going beyond the jurisdiction of the Romanian courts, whether you have the capacity of suspect/accused or injured person.

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