Lawyer Călinoiu Adrian-Cătălin


Lawyer Călinoiu Adrian-Cătălin is passionate about civil procedural law, especially the law of forced execution, being involved and mandated in several cases either on appeals to forced execution or the procedure of giving in payment provided by Law no. 77/2016. Understanding how the forced execution procedure works and being familiar with the notions based on which it operates, Mr. Călinoiu Adrian-Cătălin dedicates himself to these types of cases, providing professional legal services that pursue the expected result, implementing long-term plans, which are well analyzed together with the client.


Together we work to achieve our client's goals, adopting winning strategies, which we implement given the smallest details.

Lawyer Călinoiu Ioana

Călinoiu Ioana

Senior Partner, Coordinating lawyer of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

Lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru

Călinoiu Alexandru

Senior Partner of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

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