During our professional activity we can offer you as an example some litigations that have influenced the life of our clients for the better:

Following a car accident, our client with a locomotor disability, won in court with us the increase of the maintenance pension from 1000 lei to 8000 lei, as well as the payment by the employer of the cost of the orthodontic prostheses that he will need for the rest of his life.

Alongside us, our client, executive director in a state institution, who was abusively dismissed, was reinstated by the administrative and fiscal contentious court.

Our client, who was classified by the specialized commissions with medium level of disability with annual verification, succeeded, with our support, in obtaining in court the recognition of a severe level of disability with attendant care with permanent validity.

The divorce with foreign elements from outside the European Union of our client resulted in him dissolving the marriage with the exclusive fault of his ex-wife.

After the divorce, our client succeeded in obtaining from her ex-husband an alimony amounting to a quarter of his income for the rest of her life, as well as the dissolution of the marriage with his exclusive fault.

As a result of an abuse by a large electricity supplier, our client was reinstated to the previous situation, gaining, in addition to the full use of the land, money rights, as well, for each day he was prejudiced, finally reaching the amount of 200,000 lei.

In establishing the filiation after the father, we obtained for our client (Romanian citizen) the recognition by the father (German citizen) of the child resulting from the marriage, a child born on the territory of the German state.

We obtained for our clients before the High Court of Cassation and Justice the annulment of the Decisions of the Control Body of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the annulment of the Decisions of the Control Body of the Ministry of Defence.

Victim of the communist regime, our client, who was dispossessed following the Collectivization process, managed to win in court the reconstruction of an area of ​​1ha of land in the central area of ​​a county seat in a land litigation.

Our client, a prejudiced person, who was deceived by several defendants, won with our support, in the civil action in a criminal process, the amount in lei equivalent to 50,000 Euros.

In several labour litigations, we have obtained for our clients the recognition of the second working group, consisting in establishing a pension increase of 100% for each day worked in this group.

In the criminal processes in which our clients were accused of committing crimes, we obtained for them acquittal, waiver of the sentence, postponement of the sentence, and, in the most unfortunate cases, reduction of the amount of the sentence.

Assisting our client before the court resulted in the conclusion of a court settlement, in which she won in addition to the right to exercise parental authority of the minor child aged 4, resulted from the marriage, the right to use the family home until the child reaches adulthood, as well as the obligation of the ex-spouse to pay the alimony and all the costs regarding the maintenance of the real estate.

This representation and assistance were filed before several courts in the country, namely Bucharest, Târgu Mureș, Brașov, Baia Mare, Orșova, Vâlcea, Teleorman, Slatina, and obviously Craiova.

The winnings of our clients are the guarantee of our professionalism.

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