Lawyer Brojban Bianca-Daiana


With a deep understanding of the principles underlying contract law, lawyer Brojban Bianca-Daiana has the ability to draft agreements, so that they truly reflect the intentions of her clients, paying attention to how the clauses are stated and placed in the economy of the final contract. She also has the necessary knowledge in the field of standard contracts (e.g. credit agreements, electricity/gas supply contracts, etc.) and has undertaken research to identify and eliminate abusive clauses through court actions, taking these issues seriously and skillfully so that any problem can find its way to solution.


Together we work to achieve our client's goals, adopting winning strategies, which we implement given the smallest details.

Lawyer Călinoiu Ioana

Călinoiu Ioana

Senior Partner, Coordinating lawyer of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

Lawyer Călinoiu Alexandru

Călinoiu Alexandru

Senior Partner of S.C.P.A "Călinoiu and Associates"

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